She Is Sold
January 14, 2015

     She’s the girl who’s running away from her abusive past, the one who is impoverished and looking for a way to make ends meet, or perhaps, she’s the girl who naively fell in love with the wrong man.  Regardless of the reasons, there are nearly 30 million victims of human trafficking globally.  There are more slaves now than ever before.  I was in junior high when I first learned about sex trafficking.  I had the privilege of hearing Christine Caine—an activist for the A21 campaign—speak about the subject at a conference.  Initially, I was horrified and shocked that girls as young as four were being sold for sex.  Ever since that day, I have been passionately fighting against the injustice of sexual exploitation.  Trafficking of persons is not a subject that should be ignored or taken lightly.  In order to fully understand the enormity of this crisis, we will examine the root causes, facts, and the impact of human trafficking throughout the world.
The Real War on Drugs
November 7, 2014

     This argument has nothing to do with medical marijuana, the decriminalization of Americans, or the economic benefits of legalizing illicit drugs.  Nor is it concerning the negative effects of marijuana, the consumption of recreational drugs, or the exploitation of drugs among minors.  Discussing those points hardly brings about resolution.  We have subsequently omitted the most fundamental argument: liberty.  The war isn’t over drugs; it’s over our rights as citizens of the United States. 
Has Feminism Gone Too Far?
November 3, 2014
     In my college writing class, we were asked to read and comment on Judy Brady's "I Want a Wife."  This article was written and released to the public in early 1970s at the height of the feminist movement.  My response was this:

     Although I agree that men and women are equal, it’s my opinion that Judy Brady went a little over the top in her article, “I Want a Wife.”  Approaching a political movement usually presents itself with two extreme sides: those who don’t care enough and those who care too much.  Radical feminist tend to blur the lines between genders.  Fact is, men and women are genetically different.  Unfortunately, Brady stereotypes men as lazy and selfish.  However, the byproduct of extreme feminism essentially encourages men to become lazy!